14 Money Making Activities to Boost Your Real Estate Income in 2014

With the first week or so of 2014 now behind us, how are you feeling about 2014? If you are like most real estate agents (and most people), you get supercharged in the later part of the previous year to make the New Year the best that it can be. You plan your new diet; you join a new gym. You craft a new business plan that is going to lead you to more real estate closings than you have ever had before.

The truth is that sadly, at some point, most of us lose momentum. It’s already hard for me to pass an In-N-Out Burger or a Five Guys without thinking about having a burger and fries—and I am not even one month into the New Year.

Statistics show that it takes ten days to completely cleanse the body and reduce cravings for such temptations as sugary desserts and salty snacks. So, if you can maintain a healthy diet for a period of ten to fourteen days, then it’s very likely that from that point forward you will be home free.

The same goes for your daily routines as a real estate agent. If it takes ten days to get the toxins out of your body, could the same also apply to your real estate habits? What if I told you that you only had to maintain a disciplined work schedule for the next ten business days? Would you be able to do it? Would you be able to time block, prospect, market, and set appointments—if only for the next ten days? And, do you think that possibly your huge results would motivate you to continue to ten more?